Welcome to the next generation of unmanned aircraft systems. The E100 Enterprise and the M100 Voyageur represent the most capable, small unmanned aircraft systems on the market. Significant payloads, extended endurance, long-distance, unmatched performance make our 100 series aircraft the most capable multi-mission, remote sensing UAVs on the market. Land or sea, our remotely piloted aircraft deliver reliable, persistent data at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives.

Elevated Intelligence

Volatus unmanned aircraft systems provide a cost-effective and reliable means of enhancing data collection. Large fuselage payload bays and the option of wing pod mounted payloads provide maximum flexibility for rapid payload integration. When combined with extended range and endurance, the Volatus family delivers the ultimate in VLOS and BVLOS, multi-mission capabilities.


The last decade has seen us develop the most advanced remotely piloted aircraft systems.

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Our aircraft are fully customizable to your needs with a wide variety of payloads available.

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System Options

We have developed a range of options to enable you to deploy your new acquisition quickly.

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Engineered Muscle

Designed by aerospace engineers to conventional aircraft Part 23 design standards, our unmanned aircraft systems are built to last. Following 11 years of development with the support of partners such as the National Research Council of Canada, University of Toronto, and the University of Victoria, Volatus Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems are now ready for the most demanding commercial challenges.