System Options

Complete Solutions to Your Needs


Volatus Flight Systems offers a complete solution for your remotely piloted operations. We offer customizable packages that can include one of our launch systems, a control station, and more.

Our team will help you select the best option for your needs and deliver it with your aircraft for the fastest integration to your fleet as possible.

Mobile Command Center

Our Mobile Command Center is installed in a weatherproof trailer to protect operators from the elements. It is a fully equipped ground control station and includes the following:

  • Diesel power generation​;
  • Complete with all auxiliary equipment to support field operations: battery chargers, tool chest, etc.;
  • Tracking antenna​;
  • Large wall-mounted screens for aircraft AP software and Payload data display​;
  • Wi-Fi-enabled​.

Launch Systems

Our launch systems are easy to install anywhere and will allow you to quickly deploy your aircraft. They use a pneumatic rail and an air compressor to allow your aircraft to takeoff.

We offer 2 models:

  • Standard system: can be installed on any surface;
  • Buggy system: trailer mounted for an even faster deployment.

Mesh Communication Network

Volatus Flight Systems offers as an option the Mesh Communication Network which allows you to extend your operations beyond visual line of sight. It handles large, live sensor data streams and associated geospatial data transfer​.

  • Dual-band MN-MIMO* over multiple frequency ranges​;
  • Self-adapting ad-hoc mesh network system​;
  • Data Throughput – 85Mbps​;
  • Encryption – 128 AES​;
  • Spatial Streams – 2​;
  • Power Output – 10mW – 500mW variable​.